Bezan | Family | Outdoor


Meet the Bezan’s 🙂  So I know this couple quite we are all from Kapsuskasing ON.  I actually was laughing a little as we were driving out to the session because it wasn’t ideal weather it was a little chilly, foggy, rainy oh yeah and it had just snowed and it kind of still was snowing.  But that being said all three of us Northern Ontarians didn’t even once question the weather before the session.  I mean we grew up in -40 weather on a regular basis in the Winter months so this was a dream to shoot in lol!  We had a little frolic on the tree farm and then they picked a tree for Cooper and Preston to decorate.  The smells on a tree farm are just so magical.  Mabs is actually the Mompreneur behind Chalked By Mabz and is the amazing talent behind my Chalk Wall Backdrop in my Studio for Santa Minis.  Brad was actually my neighbour growing up, he and my brother were good friends growing up and if I am not mistaken the first two out of their group friends to become dads 🙂  Brad is the Founder of Spark Lifecare here in OTTAWA.  Two amazing people and I am so beyond blessed to have been asked to capture their beautiful family.  One must note that during the session both Mabs and I got smoked with a snowball in the face during the session by Cooper lol, just a little behind the scenes for all of you.

Magic is in the Details,



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