Mabel |Newborn | Lifestyle

My first post of 2017 and it’s Little Miss Mabel who is the star of the show.  I was very excited to go and snuggle Mabel a couple days after Christmas.  I also was very excited to see my little man Nolan again.  I met Nolan at Santa minis and he quickly became one of my fave little ones of the day.  He is such a smart little boy with a lot of information to share.  I knew he was going to be a great big brother 🙂  We started off the session with Mabel and then once Nolan was ready from his nap he joined in.  Mabel was tricky she didn’t like being moved into different positions lol.  BUT we did it and I loved all the shots.  I love the hints of xmas in this session, Mabel was due XMAS Eve but came early !  I love seeing clients before baby and then as a new little family it makes my heart so full.  Enjoy my first post of 2017 and coincidentally its a brand NEW babe !

Magic is in the Details,



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